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Welcome to our Rental Rates page

The rental rates below work as follows when you rent a villa or other accommodation the weekly rate is what you pay. The number of guest  you have stay in it does not affect the price. If you rent a 3 bedroom villa you could have 2 guest in it or 6 guest in it the price remains the same.  You can also bring your  infants and they will bring in a crib and highchair for you at no charge. The only other charges are the all-inclusive fees which you pat to the resort when you check in   

Lifestyles Hacienda Rental Rates

  •  3 BR Villa accommodations  $1300.00  weekly   or   $ 185.71 nightly     2-6   guest
  •  4 BR Villa accommodations  $1500.00 weekly  or   $ 214.29 nightly      6-8   guest
  •  5 BR Villa accommodations  $1800.00 weekly   or   $ 257.15 nightly     8-10  guest
  •  6 BR Villa accommodations  $2000.00 weekly   or   $ 285.72 nightly    10-12  guest
  •  2 Bedroom Penthouse          $800.00  weekly    or   $ 114.29 nightly    2 to 4  guest
  •  2 Bedroom Apartment     $625.00 weekly    or    $ 89.29 nightly     2 to 4  guest
  •  1 Bedroom Apartment     $565.00 weekly     or   $  80.72 nightly    1 to 2  guest
  •  Junior Suite                   $500.00  weekly     or   $  71.43 nightly    1 to 2  guest

Lifestyles Presidential Suites Rental Rates

  • Studio Presidential Suite          $600.00  weekly  or $ 85.72 nightly    2 to 4 guest  
  • 1 Bedroom Presidential Suites  $800.00  weekly  or $114.29  nightly  2 to 4 guest
  • 2 Bedroom Presidential Suites  $1000.00 weekly or $142.85 nightly   6 to 8 guest

Please keep in mind that to to the popularity of Villas and Presidential Suites  the availability is constantly changing daily , so be sure to book these units early they can be available today and unavailable the next day  

Confresi Palm Beach & Spa resort

  •    Junior Suite                       $500.00  weekly     or   $   71.43 nightly    1 to 2  guest
  • Jr Suite Ocean Side           $600.00 weekly     or   $  85.72 nightly     2 to 4  guest


2016 All-inclusive rates

Plus All-Inclusive Fee ( this fee is charged by Lifestyle Holidays ) and is to be paid at time of check in directly to the resort. This fee covers All of your meals and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).  Restaurants on the resort as well as beach and poolside bars, entertainment and other non motorized activities  By renting through a  Platinum Supreme  member you receive top shelf alcoholic brands as well as domestic brands and Blue VIP arm bands .

  • Crown Villas All-Inclusive rates 
  • Adults  $ 95.00 per day / per person
  • Children 3 - 11 years old   $ 47.50 per night / per child
  • Children under 3 years old are free 
  • Crown Residence Penthouses, Apartment Suites
  • Adults $65.00 per night / per person
  • Children 3 - 11 years old   $32.50 per night / per child
  • Children under 3 are free
  • Presidential Suites  All-Inclusive rates
  • Adults   $85.00 per day / per person
  • Children 3 - 11 years old   $42.50 per night / per child
  • Children under 3 are free
  • Confresi Palms section  All-Inclusive rates 
  • Adults   $60.00 per day / per person
  • Children 3 - 11 years old   $ 30.00 per night / per child
  • Children under 3 are free
  • Tropical Section Jr Suites All-inclusive
  • Adults $60.00 per night / per person
  • Children 3 - 11 years old $30.00 per night / per child
  • Children under 3 are free
  • Royal Suites All-Inclusive Rates
  • Adults $85.00 per night / per person
  • Children 3 - 11 years old $42.50 per night / per child
  • Children under 3 are free
  • Mandatory Resort fee in addition to all-inclusive fees of $10.00 per adult per night for villa guests and  $5.00 per adult per night for all other accommodations.

Accepted form of payment at resort for all-inclusive fees when you check in

Lifestyles Haciendia  accepts all major credit and debit cards, including Discover Card. We also accept American dollars, Dominican Pesos and American Express Travelers Cheques.

Are you a RCI member and considering a trade CLICK HERE for a comparison

For Booking Process  CLICK HERE

If you have a Groupon Voucher , we are unable to accept them , here is the link for the Reservation Requests :   CLICK HERE

Link to resort map 2009 so you can see where various accommodations are located

Link to New 2010 resort map shows location of presidential and spa suites

No matter which accommodations you choose as our guest you will receive Free transportation from and back to POP ( Puerto Plata ) airport, Free one day tickets to Ocean World Aquatic Park  one per person ( valued at $55.00 each )  And Members Guest VIP Privileges throughout the resort, ( Golf Cart Guarentee you will receive one FREE golf cart with  villa stays we do not charge a fee as others do for the golf cart ) We do not raise our rates for holidays and high demand winter season rates above are good all year.

All our guest no matter which accommodations you chose will have VIP privileges throughout the resort.

Weekly rates are based on 7 night stay. You can stay any number of days you wish. For about the price of a cruise you can stay in a private villa with your own pool, golf cart, and maid in a all-inclusive resort.       Above rates are for all seasons . Weeks can start any day and end any day of the week  you would like

The accommodation size is guaranteed. Normally you will be given the size villa you book however it could happen that someone extends their stay or a large villa becomes unavailable . In such a case you would be given 2 villas in sizes to meet your parties needs. This however would be rare.

All-Inclusive rates lock in at time of booking so feel confident that rates wont change when you get there

Due to High Demand  Villas are getting  booked normally  6  months in advance for peek season use.  If you are interested in the Villas please try to book early I do my best to obtain villa availability  at popular times of the year .

There is a substantial number of Penthouses and Suites making them more available for short notice bookings. Even if you have a last minute need we will due our best to meet it. 

During Holidays such as Christmas eve , New Years Eve , July 4th . There are sometimes a supplemental fee for Gala Diners and special Parties as illustrated below.

No 1 Question we get.  

  I just want a romantic low priced week for my wife and I to get away and be warm and have lots of fun how much would it cost ?

  • Answer 
  • 1 week Jr Suite rental = $500.00
  • 2 adults all-inclusive for a week = $840.00
  • Total = $1340.00 plus your airfares and the $10.00 pp Dr Customs entry tax
  • Or we can get you Confresi Palms section Oceanside suite for $100.00 more 

Above is a picture of a typical Jr Suite  

Availability Contact Info    

General inquiries are welcomed. We will be glad to discuss this unique resort. If you just want to check availability, just drop us a e-mail and include dates and number of guest and desired accommodations. 

E-mail us with your desired dates

Primary E-Mail  lifestylehvc@att.net

For your Protection Payment can be made  by Credit Card through Paypal                 

Sister Resort stays

Most sister resort stays will fall into the 2-bedroom Penthouse 1 bedroom Apartment and Junior Suite price range, there are not many resorts that offer Private Villa Stays.

Booking Process          CLICK HERE


Why is it less expencive to book through us than the resort or do a trade through RCI ?

The reason is we paid the high price of Shareholder  membership which gives us special pricing and special access on all accommodations and the all inclusive fees. When booking through us you travel as our guest and most of our VIP privilages and our special pricing is extended to you. We take the time to answer all your questions in a timely maner and do our best to ensure you have a absolutly great vacation.   

 If you don't have 6 guest through RCI you still pay $699.00  to $799.00 per day, Through a owner rental you only $75.00 per adult guest and $37.50 per child that stays in the Villa. That can provide even more savings if you don't show up with 6 guest. Also through a Shareholder member You will the top level of Amenities. You will also receive Free tickets and transportation to Ocean World for each guest valued at $55.00 each. You also get top priority booking of excursions,dining resurvations, and transportation. Not to mention through RCI you will most likely never see a exchange for a 4,5,6, bedroom Villa.  And through us you get a golf cart to use with a villa stay through RCI you will never get a golf cart . Our guest also get free alcohol delivered to their suite or villa and 1 BBQ in villa per week.

Need help booking using a Groupon Voucher's ? Then Click Here for Information and link's  CLICK HERE

Cancellation Information         CLICK HERE